How to create a map


First, only press 'Save map' when you are finished editing. Now fill in the following form fields:

Move the map to your desired area of the world (using mouse click and drag, or touch and drag, the zoom controls etc)

Press the 'Set current position as map centre' button. This saves your map's focus point as your current position (otherwise the map always reloads to Lion's Arch).

Click areas on the map you wish to mark - the Marker creation panel then displays.

Select a Marker Icon, enter a Marker Label. Press 'Set Marker'

Repeat this process until you have marked all your locations.

Press 'Save map'

Once Saved

Your map will be saved and you will be given a unique URL. Save this URL and share it wherever you want.

Make sure you don't forget your editor password!

Editing a map

Load your unique map URL and click on the '[edit]' link next to your map title in the information panel.

Enter your editor password and press 'Edit'. If the password is correct, you will be returned to the map editor with all your information loaded.

If you so wish, you can share your editor password with friends to allow others to create updates. We cannot track who makes changes to your map, so only share your password with trusted individuals.