Plotty for GW2

Track your position in real-time, create maps, share with friends.

Version 2017.5   ·   Created by ProperDave

* Plotty is only available for Windows at this time. The Mac client for GW2 does not currently contain the Mumble Link API code required for Plotty to operate on a Mac.

Important note about the latest version of Plotty

Plotty has migrated from using the inferior .NET WebBrowser control to using Mozilla Gecko (the rendering engine inside Firefox). This radically improves Plotty's mapping features, but comes at the cost that the download is now at almost 40MB big (as opposed to the previous 4MB!). Plotty 2017.5 also introduced logging of the server ip you are connected to, which means the internal history table needs to be updated to compensate. This can result in a slower initial start-up when you upgrade depending on how large your Plotty.db file is. Once your local database is upgraded to the 2017.5 version, all subsequent loads will be quicker.

Plotty is a position tracking tool for Guild Wars 2. When enabled, Plotty saves a local database of your player position on a set interval and renders the points on a Google Maps-style map. You can also export the data to a server to share your movement data with others.

Data Nerd

Track your movements in game. Export your data as a live map or export to CSV for use in any other mapping utilities you may have.

Team collaboration

Use the server tag feature to post data to the same on-line map as your team. Then use the on-line map to see everyone's data together in one interactive map.

WVW Raid Commanders

Are you a disciplined raid commander? Use Plotty to review battle data of your guild*.

* Note all players would need Plotty installed and reporting metrics to a common server tag.

Plotty makes use of the Mumble Link API built into the Guild Wars 2 game. You do not need Mumble installed to use Plotty - the features already exist in Guild Wars 2 and allow an external tool (like Plotty) to query your world position and orientation. can receive mapping data from Plotty and record it on live interactive maps like the other maps on the site, but if you are a developer and want to use your own web server to host mapping data, you need only change the Recording URL and Mapping URL within Plotty's Settings window to send and read your mapping data from your own site!

Plotty sends data to the server via a GET request (for maximum compatibility with all programming languages/platforms). Targeting your server and monitoring the GET requests sent should show you all the submitted fields. Tabulate these in any fashion to build your maps. :)

When the "Record to Server" option within Plotty is enabled, your position data will be reported in real-time to the Mapping Server. This could potentially reveal your exact position to third parties. If you are playing competitively and want to keep your current position anonymous, disable "Record to Server" and instead use the "Send to Server" option within Plotty's History browser once you have finished playing to report your position information to the Mapping Server post-play.

For more information, view the readme file.