Mapping Engine

LeafletJS is the Javascript map engine that powers the interactive mapping features of the site.

Map Data

Pre-made map data was composed by the site author through collection in-game. Public-made map data is the sole property of the players who create the map and is displayed on the site by their submissions. At the point of submission the author of the user map is granting universal public distribution to the data they enter.

Map Tiles

Guild Wars 2 Map Tiles are provided by the GW2 API from ArenaNet. Imagery for the tiles is copyright ArenaNet.


Guild Wars 2 themed iconography comes from the GW2 Fansite Kit, the GW2 Wiki or has been recreated based off of assets from within the game. This imagery will be copyright ArenaNet and is used on this site within acceptable use guidelines.

Other iconography is provided by Font Awesome.